Recording Video

QGroundControl supports recording the video stream directly to the receiving device. If you would like to record your video with the QGroundControl application elements displayed, you should use a separate screen recording software.

The video is saved under the path selected in the General tab of the Application Settings page. The default path is User/Documents/QGroundControl.

To record video in QGroundControl, click the "down arrow" in the instrument panel to show the drop down menu.

Select the Video Stream page option from the dropdown.

Click the red circle at the bottom of the Video Stream page.

The red video recording icon is a square when QGroundControl is currently recording the video stream to a file. When QGroundControl is not recording video, the red video recording icon is a circle. Each time the red circle is clicked to start recording, a new video file is created. The videos are saved in Matroska format (.mkv) by default. Matroska was chosen because it is robust against corruption in case of errors. Other formats are supported and can be selected on the General tab of the Application Settings page. If you would like to use your video in another format, you must convert the .mkv file with a transcoding program like VLC.


VLC can record and display the received video. To receive the video video from companion, it's necessary to go in: MediaOpen Network Streamhttp://

Note: It's possible to configure the caching size of VLC to allow a faster time response from the video, this configuration is done under: MediaOpen Network StreamShow more optionsSet caching to a number around 200play

The record and conversion can be done with the save menu: MediaConvertNetworkConvert / SaveSelect formatSelect destinationStart.

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