Software Components

There are three major software components involved in the operation of ArduSub:

  • ArduSub: ArduSub is the autopilot software responsible for processing pilot input and controlling the ROV. ArduSub is the 'brains' of the ROV.
  • QGroundControl: QGroundControl is the user interface for operating the ROV.
  • Companion: The Raspberry Pi Companion Computer runs software that relays communications between the autopilot and QGroundControl via Ethernet communications. The Companion software also streams HD video to QGroundControl.

Here is a typical diagram of the software components and their interactions:

To use the above diagram, you can scroll to zoom, click and drag to pan, and double-click to focus onto an element. Some elements have a (square) link in their top right corner, which can be clicked to go to the relevant documentation/product page. Optional components are shown as faded/translucent.

Sponsored by Blue Robotics. Code released under the GPLv3 License. Documentation released under the CC-NC-SA 4.0.
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Submit an ArduSub GitHub Issue here to report issues with the ArduSub software.

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