Additional Peripheral Devices

The following components and devices are not required to be installed for a functioning control system, but add additional functionality and customization to the underwater vehicle.

Connection information can be found on the manufacturers product pages.

  • Leak Sensors: Leak sensors help to detect and warn about if a leak occurs, before it gets to and damages the electronics in an enclosure.
  • Temperature Sensor: An auxiliary temperature sensor can be connected to obtain faster and more accurate readings than from an integrated pressure sensor. This can be helpful in research, or where accurate temperature is important for estimating some other related phenomenon.
  • Servos: Servos are useful when a component needs to be actuated or rotated. They can be inside an enclosure to rotate things such as cameras, or depth-rated and used outside of enclosures.
  • Relays: Relays are useful for turning higher voltage (>5V DC) auxiliary equipment on and off.
  • Grippers and Manipulators: A gripper is a useful tool for picking up small objects, attaching recovery lines, or freeing a snagged tether. Other manipulators may be useful in cleaning, inspection, or repair tasks.
  • Underwater Positioning and GPS (SBL and USBL): A positioning system is useful for navigation (going to a location, displaying the current position on a map), as well as location-tagging collected data.
  • Sonars: Sonars are useful where visibility is low, for getting range measurements to surfaces or acoustically imaging targets. They can be helpful for navigation, especially in structured environments with no alternative positioning system.

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