ArduSub provides the functionality needed for a wide variety of applications from simple observation-class ROVs to sophisticated research-class ROVs. Here's a short list of applications that ArduSub-powered ROVs can be used for:

  • Observation and exploration
  • Wreck discovery and documenting
  • Photography and videography
  • Boat and equipment inspection
  • Biological sampling and surveying
  • Underwater retrieval
  • Academic and research projects
  • ROV and AUV competitions

ArduSub in Use

These videos show ArduSub in use on the Blue Robotics BlueROV1 and BlueROV2. Keep in mind that ArduSub can be used on many different ROV designs from unique DIY configurations to professional vehicles.

Sponsored by Blue Robotics. Code released under the GPLv3 License. Documentation released under the CC-NC-SA 4.0.
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