Electronic Speed Controls (ESCs)

ArduSub is designed to work with brushless and brushed Electronic Speed Controls (ESCs) to control motors and thrusters. A corresponding ESC will need to be used for a similar motor type. For example if a brushless thruster is used, then a brushless ESC will be needed.

ArduPilot does not support controlling both brushed and brushless motors at the same time.

The minimum requirements for an ESC of either type are:

  • Bi-directional control - they operate in forward and reverse (most ESCS for UAVs and hobby drones only operate in one direction)
  • Controlled by a PWM input where:
    • 1900 us is full forward
    • 1500 us is stopped
    • 1100 us is full reverse

Brushless ESCs

The following brushless ESCs are supported for use with ArduSub:

Brushed ESCs

No brushed ESCs have been reported to be used with ArduSub, but here is the reference documentation from ArduPilot:

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