ArduSub Firmware Files

Stable Release for Pixhawk (Pixhawk1):

ArduSub v4.0.3 (.apj)

Firmware for other autopilot boards can be downloaded from See here for instructions on how to flash the Pixhawk.

Previous Stable Firmware Releases

Companion Computer Images

This is a fully configured image for the Raspberry Pi 3B computer to be used as a Companion Computer for the Pixhawk1 autopilot running ArduSub. See here for instructions on how to flash the image to the SD card.

Stable Release for Raspberry Pi 3B:

Latest Ardusub-Raspbian Image (

Previous Stable Companion Releases

Previous stable Companion images can be downloaded at<version number>/<version number> eg:


Windows (.exe)

Mac (.dmg)

Linux (.AppImage)

Previous Stable QgroundControl Releases

Previous releases of QGroundControl can be found on the GitHub releases page.

Ping Echosounder Firmware Files

Latest Firmware for Ping (.hex)

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