The Companion Computer software contains a series of drivers which will stream FHD video from the vehicle to the Ground Control Station (GCS) at the surface. Only one camera may be connected to the Companion at a time. Support for multiple camera streams is planned, but not implemented at this time.

Supported Cameras

USB Cameras

Most modern USB cameras are compatible with the Companion software as long as they have the following specifications:

  • H.264 Output
  • 1080p or 4K resolution

No 4K USB cameras are known to exist with these specifications.

The following USB cameras have been tested to work:

Camera Serial Interface (CSI) Cameras

With a Camera Serial Interface (CSI) input on the Raspberry Pi, this type of camera may be used with the Companion software. A Raspberry Pi camera module came pre-installed on the BlueROV2 until mid-2017 when it was replaced by the Low-Light HD USB Camera.

The following CSI cameras have been tested to work:

Ethernet Cameras

Although no Ethernet cameras have been tested, the minimum requirements for working directly with QGroundControl are:

  • H.264 Output
  • RTSP

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